Lady Gaga – The Fame Monster

So, as I promised yesterday, I’d write a little bit about my favorite album with Mother Monster, which is “The Fame Monster”. The album itself is pretty short – only eight songs (No, I do not count ‘The Fame’ as a part really). But then we are also talking about eight songs of pure perfection. There isn’t a single one of these I don’t love.

Where do I even begin – The melodyline in “Bad Romance” (and the video, hello? Can we discuss her diamond outfit? It’s perfection!) to the beat in “Alejandro” to the emotions in “Speechless” to the beat in “Telephone” to the lyrics of “So Happy I could Die” to the rhythm in “Teeth”.

Another thing that makes The Fame Monster so special to me, isn’t just that the overall tracks are amazing, it’s also the fact that this is the album that contains my number one Lady Gaga song – “Dance in the Dark“. I can’t even begin to tell you on the Monster Ball – I geniunely thought she was gonna leave the song out, because you know, that’s the kind of luck I usually have with my favorite songs, but nope. She did not. She fucking opened with the song. This song people. This song has been the one to cheer me up so many times, so so many times. I can’t even begin to tell you, and I’m normally good with words. The beat, the music, the lyrics. Everything was just perfect.

So, “So Happy I Could Die” could perhaps be the Gaga song I’ve qouted the most, but it doesn’t beat everything that “Dance in the Dark” is.

gago 006

// Sara

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