Peoples! Tomorrow I’ll be leaving this city and head onwards to the capital of Sweden for artRAVE and Lady Gaga! This will be the fourth time I see her live, and I’m beyond excited actually, which surprises me a little bit, considering I didn’t care too much for “Artpop”. The album contains a few good songs – I can’t tell you enough how much I love the song “Gypsy”. I’ve been listening on it endlessly ever since the album came out, but as far as that goes, it’s really that one and maybe one or two more (and this includes ‘Applause’) that I geniunely enjoy on the album.

My favorite album that Lady Gaga ever released is “The Fame Monster”. It’s a short as fuck album – 8 songs only, but then we are also talking about 8 drop dead perfect tracks. I figured I’ll write more about that I like about the album for tomorrows blog, as I won’t even be at home to actually blog tomorrow, haha! But yes. Despite having so-so feelings about the album, I still hope the show will be a killer.


Shot by me during “Glitter and Grease”, Fame Monster Ball 2010.

// Sara

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