Day 16 – a song that you used to love but now hate – Thanks for all, Steve!

Apparently I skipped Day 16! Perhaps I did so for a reason, but oh well. Okay. I’ve said this many times before, but this one is tricky. And VERY so. I’m gonna have to take a minute or so figure this one out. I can’t say I hate this song. And I struggle to find a song I really HATE, but this is a song I don’t listen to as much anymore.


Pass Auf, Der Drache Kommt” by german pop group Dschinghis Khan.

This video makes me emotional to watch for so many reasons. First of all, this was my second favorite band ever, and this band is the one and only reason I know the german I do. This video is shot in Russia in 2005 on their comeback tour. There are only four original members there. Wolfgang, Henriette, Edina and Steve.

Seeing Steve made me tear up. Steve, the shorter male with gray hair… I actually had the extreme luck to get to know this man. He added me on MSN in 2005. Someone “Karl Heinz Bender” added me after I got active on the Dschinghis Khan website, and that is indeed Steve’s real name. Of course, I did not believe this at first, despite me being 14 I was critical enough to think this far.

But then he turned on his webcam, and it was truly him. After that we spent many nights and days chatting about everything, he told me all these stories about the band and their tours and we exchanged musictips and everything. It was so crazy, little 14 year old me being in contact with one of the original members of my NUMBER ONE Eurovision Song Contest entry. After a while he wasn’t online as often and on May 9th we got the news.

Steve had passed away after battling cancer for many years. 

This was devastating news. Of course, I couldn’t imagine what his family went through, but I know it was so devastating for me I couldn’t listen to Dschinghis Khan, nor Wig Wam since we had talked a lot about Wig Wam. I had to turn to another band for music.

That band was Lordi.

And that was also the day I became a fan of them. I registered for Monsterboard the next day. So I guess it comes something good out of all the bad, occasionally.

Thanks for all, Steve, for all the memories and all the nights of talks. And Thanks Dschinghis Khan, for everything.

// Sara


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