The Monsterican Dream – A closer look at Lordis costumes

So, it’s been a little while since Lordi came out with their new costumes, but it isn’t until now that they have released single shots of all the costumes and I figured I’d sum them up in this entry in order to talk a little bit more about the costumes on an individual level.


We’ll start off with Miss Hella. First of all. LOVE the New-Rock sort of Shoes. I can’t say exactly if it is actual New-Rock shoes, but they look damn similar! I love heels and I love stilettos, so yes ma’m! Good choice. Even though I loved the way she looked before, this update is beyond amazing. I got so dead excited when I saw her new clothing and all this almost bondage kind of thing going on. Now THIS, is clothing wise someone I could cosplay defintely. The only thing I’ having a small issue with is as I’ve stated before – the hair. I really, TRULY enjoyed her blonde hair, but you know. Black suits her, even though I get the feeling she might have changed a bit from her original story.


Next up is Rev. Mana. And first of all. WHAT THE HELL HAVE HAPPENED WITH HIS HANDS. Please tell me this is just an awkward pose? Like what on earth is going on? However, this picture kinda confirms what I thought before – that his hair is really just pulled back, not removed, and I’m glad to see it. He, just as Hella has ALSO changed haircolor, but I must admit I don’t mind it as much on him. It’s really tomato tomato on him. He also went from his half-colored clothing to more darker clothing, but I assume this is something that goes hand in hand with the era. I love all the steel-plates that are going on here.


Mr OX. OK, People – can we just appreciate the carving in his forehead? Can we just sit here and just love it. It’s perfect. I can’t even motivate why, but when I first saw the costumes it was one of the first things I noticed and I literally just squealed on the inside a bit. If you look closely on his mask, you’ll see he almost got this chesire-cat kind of smile all over his face, making him ultra-creepy. And the extra spikes doesn’t exactly make things less intimidating. Seriously OX – you just got EVERYTHING right for this era. However, am I the only one who gets a bit taken back to the Babez era with this?


Amen-Ra. In all honesty, the costume is basically going back to Babez era, the mask being Deadache, with a few small improvements. However, is this a bad thing? Not at all – I’ve always considered Amen’s Babez costume my favorite of his (at least that I was a part of to experience) so I’m glad to see this change. Not a lot of changes have happened, but I see one thing that I love and that is right in the chest area. Where you can see all the muscles exposed without the skin. I love this kind of thing, THESE are the kind of things that freak me out.


And the Big L himself. HERE on the other hand, a lot of things are going on. First of all. The fucking heads on his thighs. Maybe it’s fucked proportions, but seriously. The lower jaw is beneath his knee, and then the rest of the skull / face is covering half his thighs. Like Oh my fucking god. Talking about an upgrade! From small faces on the knee to one that covers this much? Intense. The boots too. I can count up to five faces on this costume as of now, and I’ve only reached his crotch (uhuhuh). The boots terrify me though. It’s like they are mocking me or something, with that grin.

His upperbody is now covered in spikes instead of the mixture of patterns it was before, and I’m not sure if this is a upgrade or a downgrade. The costume as a whole is absolutely amazing, and I guess the work and details put into the five faces makes up for the lack of creativity for the rest. I get a bit of a Get Heavy vibe from it. Not sure why, maybe it’s the mask. I think the mask is pretty fine, I’ve always been a fan of his Arockalypse one and this feels like it, and I LOVE the extensions of the horns on his head.

(All photos posted are property of Lordi)

Here’s more of a close up of the masks. As you can see, no major changes mask-wise was actually been done to either member. Hella and Mana are pretty much the same, Amen and Mr L has gone back in time (aside the horns) and the only one who has actually had some changes done are OX. It’s almost like with Mick from the Knot – more wrinkles to add more intensity, you know? The grin on his face disturbs me and I’ll ask of everyone that we won’t stand on OX’s side whenever we go to a Lordi show, thank you very much.

So again, readers, any thoughts on the costumes or the masks? Or any comment in general? Up to discussion!

It’s now only four days left for the single, and a million days left ’til the album. Excitement evolves!

// Sara
4 days ’til “Nailed by the Hammer of Frankenstein”
9 days ’til Lady Gaga
36 days ’til “MASSIVE ADDICTIVE”
36 days ’til “Vol 5: The Grey Chapter”
46 days ’til “Scare Force One”
47 days ’til Lordi


2 Responses to “The Monsterican Dream – A closer look at Lordis costumes”

  1. I am absolutly in love with OX and Hella, they just look so perfect right now ❤
    There is nothing more to add here.

    But personally I'm a little shocked about Mana. What is this metal thing on his neck I'm not getting over this.. And the hair, oh dear.
    I guess I just need some more time to get used to it.

    Those skulls on L's costume are just beyond amazing. The mask also reminds me a bit of "Get Heavy", same goes for his hands. That's what's weird about the costume – the color of his hands doesn't match the rest of the outfit. I don't like that too much.

    And for Amen I think that it's more back to "Deadache". Kinda sad that he got his nose back, I loved that. But I love his skin texture, he looks like he is still so fresh. That's awesome!

    All in all I'm super happy with the new looks. Hope they also look this awesome in real life 🙂

    • Of course it’s Deadache. I saw a past costume in front of me with Amen but I couldn’t place the era. You are right, it’s deadache!

      Well, at least Mana isn’t bald 😀 IT’s just pulled back, and I’m glad about that” But the metalthing, not sure Hella’s got something like that too… but I guess we will get used to it after time 😀

      No I know right? The gloves seems so off for some reason… Huh. Wonder why he kept it that way.

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