Drop Dead Cynical – New with Amaranthe

Swedish metalband Amaranthe is set to release their third album “MASSIVE ADDICTIVE” on October 21st, and I’m more than excited. Their first two albums were absolute killers, so I’m stoked to hear what they have in store. And gladly, I didn’t have to wait much longer than ’til now – you see, they released their first single today – “Drop Dead Cynical”.

(Image is property of Amaranthe)

So, what’s my opinion? Well. You know, there is one thing I’ve always loved so much with Amaranthe – and that is how close they are to popmusic. The first thing that came to mind when I was listening to this track was Alcazar. I can’t put my finger on what song, and perhaps it isn’t even Alcazar when times comes around, but regardless – their music is close to theirs, while it’s also the complete opposite. And as a HUGE schalger fan, this is one of the most ideal bands for me musicwise.

Anyway, I got a bit sidetracked. The song, is great, and it feels promising. If the album will be in the feel of this song, then it’s going to be killer. It’s in the same spirit as the two previous albums, perhaps it’s almost a little teasingly touching some heavier elements, but not a lot. However, the song performances on this song are just absolutely perfect. It’s a bit dangerous saying perfect, but I just love how they’ve arranged and put it all together. But of course, what did I expect from some of Swedens finest?

So yes. Head over to iTunes store to buy the new single. DO IT NOW. You won’t be disappointed! But if you aren’t willing to pay, you can always try this Spotify link.

So, anyone else than me who has pre-ordered the album?

// Sara

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