“Plane refueled, seatbelts broken and an hour or so of pure turbulence coming up”

Yes, I totally ripped off what Lordi wrote on their status when revealing the new costumes, couldn’t exactly have said it better myself!

So yes, today, Lordi finally revealed both costumes and album artwork. Thanks to Ludvig I saw a lot of it before today, but regardless, it was great to see.

First of all, I wanna start off with saying that now, with the albumcover, era artwork and the title I use above, the title “Scare Force One” makes a lot more sense and doesn’t feel weird at all. On the other hand, I’m getting extremely pumped for this.


Second of all, the new costumes. BEHOLD!


Alright. First of all, as I said in my comments a few days ago, I’m not too crazy about Hella’s haircolor change. But, I won’t complain too much about it, because it does fit her, and her clothes, OH MY LORD, HER CLOTHES! Now this is something I could consider cosplaying some time. THIS version of Hella, clothing wise, is absolutely perfect. In. Love.

I think, in all honesty, Mana is the one who made the biggest change though. I’m not sure if he’s bald or if he has some hair tied back, can’t really tell on this picture, regardless, I’m pretty positive he’ll rock it. Is it just me, or isn’t he moving a LITTLE bit towards Otus? Just a tiny bit. Amen and OX looks fairly much the same – small changes, like Amens neck piece and that OX now has “OX” carved in his forehead, but regardless – this is an epic update. So goes for the man himself too.

What I also like about this era is all the blood. It feels somewhat promising. All of you guys knows that I’ve always preferred “The Monsterican Dream” and “Deadache” rather than any other album, so I really expected “To Beast” to be really good, given the statistics had shown us that every 2nd album would be good, but it wasn’t. It’s a fine album, but nowhere NEAR the quality of “The Monsterican Dream” or “Deadache”.

However, these costumes my friend, looks promising as hell. Please, this album BETTER be in the league of the two mentioned. Or else I don’t know what to do.

So, mark your calendars. September 19th for single, October 31 for album.

Soon, soon.

// Sara

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