R.I.P – Lady Axa

Alright.This is with a bit of a heavy heart, I’ll tell you that earlier this morning, Lady Axa was put down after a time of illness.


The fact she was going to be put down actually ambushed me a lot. I knew she’d been taken out of lessons last semester, at the end, but other than that, I thought everything was fine. She has been acting liker her normal self all the time I’ve met her this semester (which has been a month only but) so yes, I was VERY surprised to learn that she was going to move on, so to speak.

Wow. What do I even say about her. Where do I begin. She’s been in my life for 5 years now. She arrived at KRK on my 18th birthday actually, and I fell for her pretty instantly. At first it felt crazy – Me, liking a brown horse? You see – I don’t really care for brown horses. I’m not sure if this has anything to do with the fact that KRK’s horses are like 99% brown, but I just find them boring. But for some reason, this lady stuck with me. It got pretty interesting once I learned she was blind on one of her eyes, just like my old favorite horse Pickles. And she was exactly ten years younger. I guess it was meant to be, huh?

Anyway. I’d go on to having her as my renthorse, and I had her as my camphorse for year or two, and I can tell you one thing. She and I never really worked together that well in dressage, she was stiff as hell, BUT. This horse, this pony, made me overcome my fears of jumping. Overcome my fears of riding in the forest, or just outside in general. All these memories I have, where me and Axa and Emelie and Cobweb would just gallop over the field at the stable, all free. Things I never thought I’d ever dare to do. But thanks to Axa, I did. Therefore, this horse is a bit more than just that horse I loved. She’s the constant, she’s one of the most important in my “horselife” so to say, much like Winerva was.

On the latter years, the only things I’ve really done with Axa is grooming and occasional walks. I don’t ride pony anymore since many years back, so it got kinda lost. And maybe that’s why it pinches me in the eye a bit that I never got the chance to say good bye (this is another story). It’s also a little scary, that it’s almost ON THE DAY 8 years since Pickles was put down. All these coincidences makes my brain go insane.

With all this said, I want to just thank Axa for all the amazing things she brought to my life, thanks for all the laughs, for all the buck offs, for all the jumps we conqeuered, and all the fears. Thanks, Lady Axa. Always and forever.

laxen1 laxen2 laxen3 laxen4

// Sara

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