Cliché Love Song

So many exciting things has happened today. First of all, I officially started at Ingesunds College of Music – and I tell you guys, I feel SO at home at that place. So much at home I wish I had never stopped playing the flute. But you know, things are gonna change a lot at home here from now on. What’s gonna happen? Well, that’s for you to find out later…

But aside that, first of all, the title and tracklist and releasedate for SlipKnot’s number five is out. The album will be called “5: The Gray Chapter” and I must say I really like the homage to Paul! Excitment is growing stronger, and even more so looking at the tracklist. Can’t wait! October 21st is the date. Soon soon!

There are so many new albums coming out this fall. Like, Knot’s new, Lordi’s new, Amaranthe’s new… And Honey Hellraisers new! Damn, this is gonna be an interesting “semester” musicwise. Need. To. Keep. Up.

But now. Bed awaits. The train leaves at 06.45 every morning. Need. To. Survive.

I guess I can do so with Sabaton in my ears.

// Sara

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