The Devil in I

Today has been a sloooow day. I started getting ill already during the night after the show, and instead of actually taking in on all the sleep I lost, decided to get up early in order to be able to fall asleep quicker tonight, as I have to get up early tomorrow. Anyway, as some of you may know, SlipKnot came out with yet another new song today, “The Devil in I”

Getting all these new songs starts getting me real excited for the new album. I must admit, I do prefer “The Negative One” (that got released when we were at Skogsröjet) to this one, and they are almost 1000 miles apart if you listen to the style of the songs, but I guess it just shows what a wide spectra we have to expect from the upcoming album. The song grows on you for every listen, but for now, “The Negative One” is the one blasted.

Any of my readers who have an opinion on this?

// Sara

4 Responses to “The Devil in I”

  1. I do agree with you here. “The Negative One” is much more fun to listen to, it’s simply more “in your face” and that’s exactly what I expect from Slipknot!
    Not saying here that “The Devil In I” is a bad song or something. In my opinion it’s just a little too soft.

    But like you also said, it only shows what spectra we can expect from the new album. This is going to be a killer! ❤

    • Yes I feel exactly the same! I always prefered their earlier stuff to their new, and The Negative One gives me that SlipKnot / Iowa vibe that I missed a bit on All Hope is Gone!

      It’s almost a bit… Stone Sour-y. I’ve seen this with a few other Knot songs as well (Dead Memories for instance) that they almost have a Stone Sour vibe to it. Or is it just me?

      YES! I sure hope so. I feel uneasy without Jordison as a songwriter, but I have to put the remain of my trust into them, and mostly Jim (<3) to deliver something badass without Joey's brain. (God how awkward that sounded, haha!)

      • No, it’s not only you because I’m having the same feeling about this. There were too many Stone Sour influences on “All Hope Is Gone”. (I really love Dead Memories and Snuff tho! – But if I wanna hear songs like this then I put Stone Sour on shuffle and not Slipknot.)

        Ditto! Hope that they will still come up with something kickassish. But those two new songs sound kinda promising. So, just keeping our fingers crossed and hoping for the best! 🙂

  2. SNUFF is absolute golden. I’m a little bummed they don’t play this diamond live. I’m not too fond personally of “Dead Memories”, BUT – different taste is always good!
    Yes, exactly my thought too actually. I kinda like the fact that most Knot songs doesn’t make sense (like, they aren’t necessarily built the way a song ‘should’ be built and such) so it’s a lil odd.

    Yes, that’s really all we can do! But oy vey, I’d pay quite a lot to get the shortie back in all honesty.

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