Skogsröjet part 1 – THE JOURNEY!

Wohoo! Time for me to at last write about Skogsröjet. It’ll be in four parts covering all four days.

First of all, I think this festival ended up being the most deorganized EVER for me packing-wise. I sat all day chatting with Ludvig and Michelle before I realized it was a mere two hours before Michelle was arriving, and had to fast-pack everything at the quickest pace I have ever done so. Somehow, I did manage to get everything with me. Who would have thought.

Anyway, I went to pick up Michelle, we went home again to tuck in all my stuff in the car, we went downtown to pick up food, and then home again because I did forget something – my pink vest. After that, we FINALLY started driving towards Skogsröjet. But not until we had, thanks to ducttape, set up the stereo and GPS system. The car was pretty overloaded, I might add.

Röjet2014 009Röjet2014 005

The road down was awesome. We hadn’t talked for a few days, making sure to have subjects to talk about for the long journey. And so we did. And screaming. Loads of screaming. You know, this kind of screaming. After going for a while, we figured it could be a good time for a pitstop to have some food, and after missing a few of the spots we had planned to stay at, we finally found this place called Våtsjön where we pulled over and walked down to the lake… And I tell you. I’m glad we missed all the other spots, because seriously… the beauty of that place was insane. We just sat there, staring at the view, eating our subway and listened to a very explicit SlipKnot. What a combo.

Röjet2014 007

After the stop, we headed onwards to the festival. We got there around 22 (10pm) and to our dismay, there were NO parking guards whatsoever, so we really just drove in there, parked somewhere we hoped were right and went to ask the information if they knew 1) where we could exchange the tickets 2) what to do with the parking. Of COURSE, the ticket-exchange had JUST CLOSED, and we asked them how the hell they had thought this was gonna work with the camping, and they told us it would “hopefully” work if we just brought our tickets.

And of course it did. Because just as they lacked parking guards, they also lacked guards for the camping, so pretty much anyone could go in and out. We went in, located a spot we liked and then proceeded to get our tents and get set up. The only downside, I guess, about our location was the high grass. It was HIGH AS FUCK, but on the other hand, we figured it would be very soft to sleep on!


See this shit?

After setting up our tent as well as Ludvig and Albins tent, we headed back to the car to finish the rest of our subways and check some things online. Right in the middle of the pitchblack night someone knocked on our window and asked if we were up for hanging out a bit, and sure why not.

Just that we didn’t hang out for an hour or so, but for many hours until I somewhere around 4am said fuck this shit, we are going to bed. Said and done. We met up with some sweet Sabaton fans on our way back that was surprised to see us, and wondered when the hell we arrived, given it was 4am. Hahaha, I can understand the confusion!

Later than we had planned, we went to bed. Great. This wasn’t exactly the start you wanted to get, but oh well!


// Sara

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