VIP Night at Boda Borg

Last night was sooo much fun! We had been invited to a VIP night at Boda Borg in celebration of them hitting 5000 likes, and it was just soo much fun! Boda Borg is naturally always fun, but it was something last night that just made it extra special.

For this time, it was me, Michelle and Linda that went together and already when we got there the whole giggling kind of started. You know, being there when they are normally closed, having your name crossed of a FREAKING GUESTLIST! and have numbered stampcards and everything. At first we had a small gathering in the hall where they informed us about all the contest that would run throughout the night – first to complete 3 quests of every color would get an extra lottery ticket, finding the skull, first to complete 6 of each and so on. After that, they opened the adventure house.

We started off the whole night with Explosionsrisk, and failed miserably, which is a first. Second of all, we were gonna head for The Jungle, and we did so. Unlike last time I was there, I actually NAILED the snake room, so we were so close to winning until I decided it was a good idea to try out a little shortcut in the last room. Instead of doing the arm walk, I thought I could jump to the… eh,thingys you go onto after the armwalk. So I leaped.

And fell. HARD. I hit my lower leg on a steel-chain-kind of thing and messed that up completely. Ten minutes in on the day. GOOD FUCKING JOB SARA!

Anyway, the night went on and we had a blast. We tried out the new quest “All Hands on Deck” and it was… great. Lets just leave it there, haha. However, for a normal Boda Borg session it didn’t really go all too well as it normally does. I blame it on me completely, for screwing up my leg the first thing I did (my strong leg too, at that!)

BUT! In the midst of chasing a new quest to conquer, Michelle found it. The Skull. FUCKING BAD ASS! Got us an extra set of lottery tickets.

By 10pm it was time for yet another gathering, to draw the lottery winners and announcing a few new contest, that I actually plan on entering. Won’t tell you about it here, since it was for the people there, but it’s fun as hell! We didn’t win anything in the lottery, sadly, but you know! Epic night is still epic.

We did a few last attempts at Alcatraz (and failed?!) before we decided to hit downstairs and have an ice-slush. Well deserved, if I may say so!

This was great night. Thanks both Michelle, Linda and BODA BORG for this fabolous night! I hope they do something similar again real soon.

blåis 033

And of course: mandatory pics of injuries!

blåis 018

Can we just appreciate this fucking BULGE? Do you see how swollen this shit is?!



The other leg. Not so much!

I had a few smaller hits on my elbow as well, but… yeah. I actually got to run to work, haha.

Again, it was an amazing night! Thanks Boda Borg.

// Sara

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