Tar det jag vill ha

You know when you’ve loved a song for a really long time, perhaps grown up with it. And you love it so much and you know all the words, and you sing and then you talk to people about it and then you realize that the song wasn’t originally made by that particular artist.

Am I the only one who kinda feel your life is a lie when this happens?

Like, “I Want Candy”. I thought Aaron Carter was ACTUALLY the guy behind the song, NOPETY NOPE! Apparently not.

I found out today that the song I posted a few days ago for the song challenge, “Anyone of Us” wasn’t made originally by Mathias Holmgren at all. I assumed it was, since it was on Swedish and everything. But appears Gareth Gates made it. What the hell. I’ve spent the last ten – fifteen minutes staring at the wall because I’m just so fucking done with everything.

My childhood is a lie. Goddamnit.

// Sara

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