Day 04 – A Song that makes you Sad

This one was easy. Really easy, strangely enough.

I have to go with a live version of this song, as it doesn’t appear on Youtube as a CD version.

Bygone Zone (Acoustic Leger uten Grenser version) by Norwegian band Wig Wam. As you know, they are my first favorite band ever, so it’s kinda special that they would appear here.

This song was released as a part of a beneficial campaign for Médecins sans frontières, and the lyrics had been a bit altered, but it was mostly the epic exectuion of the song that made me love it so much at first (this gets lost in the live version, sadly!)

But what makes this song so sad isn’t really the song or the lyrics itself, it’s actually my story to it. This song was released somewhere around the time my first favorite horse passed away. Her name was Pickles, she was 18 years old at the passing. Blind on both eyes. Still to this day I haven’t found a horse that has replaced her. Lady Axa do a good job, but just not like that. This song became the song I somewhat related to when she passed, the song I played over and over, the song that you know… understood. That explained the whole thing. Or how to put it.

Still to this day, eight years later, I cannot listen to this song without tearing up like crazy and thinking about the most beautiful horse that has ever walked this planet.

Rest in Peace, Pickles.


// Sara

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