Meg’s Garden

“In the blink of an eye, life will quickly pass you by, the hands of time we cannot defy” – Salvation – Dynazty

I don’t think that line has ever made more sense to me than it does right now. It feels like time is slipping through my fingers and there are just SO many things I want and need to get done. One million school assignments, one million jobapplications and one or two reviews needs to be written, and I need to plan and prepare for Stockholm Rocks next week. I need to talk to my current job to see how long they want me to work, so I can plan what day I’ll go to Sweden Rock (if I’ll travel on Wednesday or Tuesday or if I travel early on Wednesday or late on Wednesday) and whatnot.

I guess all I really need to do is just to take a deep breath, accept that maybe not all I wanted to happen this semester will happen and do my best. And whatever I can’t keep up this semester, I’ll just move to the next. Babysteps, babysteps. Hopefully I’ll nail the organization, globalization and journalistic course at least. I’ve lost hope about my English class. But you know. I guess you never know. At least I finally came up with a subject for my final writing. Now I just need to find more books in the subject than Burkarts “Music and Cyberliberties”. Damn damn damn.

NP: Salvation – Dynazty


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