You know, I’m not sure if summer has arrived, or if it’s still considered spring, but one thing that I DO know is that it’s warm and sunny and the most loveable weather outside. I’ve spent my last days now doing all my schoolwork out in the sun instead of sitting inside my room, letting my bunny out to eat some grass in the process. I really just love it all right now.

It’s no less than just two weeks left until I’ll finally go to a concert again. It’s been way too long, and way too long time between the shows. This has to change in some way. I’m so stoked. Reckless Love, H.E.A.T and TNT. It’s gonna be one night to remember, that’s for sure. I only wish I could get out to see H.E.A.T more now with the new album and all. I’ll sadly miss out on them, apart from Sthlm Rocks, but I guess I’ll catch them somewhere else some more time. I hope.

With every friend you stay, getting closer
With every word you say, getting older
In 60 years or so, we’re laughing at tomorrow

// Sara

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