Lil Ol Me

DisneyChannel, why do continually show the same Gravity Falls episode after one another? They’ve just shown “The Hand That Rocks Mabel”, and now they show it again? What the fuck. And what’s up with the censored fez? Gah.


But if we stop talking about that for a while. Hello. Haven’t dropped in here for a while, and that may be because I just, yesterday, bought my first piece of furniture ever. That meaning, that I paid for myself. It’s sort of a chair. It’s like a mattress you can fold into a chair. But you know what’s even better than the chair?

The box. The fantastic box, as Michelle called it. Thing is, I sat on it when cutting up the tape, and I got the crazy idea that maybe I could lie down on it. When it was standing up like on the picture, and I could. So after a while I pulled out a blanket and put on Lordi’s album and relaxed for a good hour or two. On the top of the box. I think I even fell asleep for a little while too. Comfortable thing!

lådaörhängen 016

Oh yes.

But if we talk about today. I had a pretty chill day, I’d say. First I went downtown to get a few pieces of jewellery I had spotted a few days ago, two pair of earrings, one pair with snakes and one pair with pink stars. Love ’em. Could be useful this weekend!

lådaörhängen 029

After this I went over to Jennies place for a while to chill and talk about everything. Was a nice run, should do this more often. The day obviously ended with a rage-session with Michelle, but this time we actually ordered and planned this weekends concert-trip. Not sure if you know, but we’re going to Oslo to see Crashdiet together with Sister, Toxic Rose and Gotham Saints! This is going to be quite a blast, it’s been a long time since I last saw the fellas.

But look. It’s early in the morning, I gotta head to bed. See you later!

// Sara

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