Lordi to Sweden… what?!

Hello, hello, hello.

So last Friday Argo cracked the news about Lordi possibly playing Skogsröjet, and a day later we got the news confirmed. Lordi truly ARE playing Skogsröjet.

Well… It was quite a shock I must say. I did not see this one coming, and I’m not even sure what I think about it. But I mean. It’s fun they are playing here. Just not sure about the place.

Either way. I just figured I should drop by, I haven’t written here for some time now. Gotta be better at this.

// Sara

One Response to “Lordi to Sweden… what?!”

  1. What?! So Lordi will play in Sweden again :O At that place?!
    They wont survive the heat xD This summer, damn that blew up my chances to see them, ahh well, I survive.

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