The Steel Panther Journery part Two

So yeah, we threw ourselves out in the dark night of Oslo, and actually, fun enough, we had accidently run into  a couple of Fanthers on the hotel, so we figured we’d stalk them. Sad but true, but we figured that’d be the easiest way to get there. Sadly, after stalking them a bit, they went into a pizzeria. So eventually, we were on our own. Again.

We took up the pinky phone to guide us, and it completly misguided us until we realized we could ask it to calculate a walking route for us. Said and done. We eventually found our way, what we didn’t know though, was the the concertarena was at the back of it. We went into a building and found the OFFICE for the musichall. So we were basically like WHAT THE FUCK. We went outside again and caught sight of some Fanthers and followed them. To the backside. Oh dear lord.

The queue was already pretty long, it wasn’t even funny. I had given up hopes to be in front row, but once we got in… there were spots. On Lexxi’s side. GOD BLESS!! We had planned to be on Lexxi’s side for this night, so I guess this is what we should call JUST OUR LUCK! We took turns to watch the spots and going to the merchstand. I left it with pins, stickers and a shirt richer.

The support band went on just on time exactly and it was a fine band. I’ve seen better, but I’ve also seen worse. I don’t know what to think abou the 80’s wigs or the firemanstripper, but apart from that, it was good.Well done, Lipstick Liontigers!

You know, I love these bands. Only half an hour later, (21.00) Steel Panther WAS on stage. Not a minute later. I’ve been so used to bands ALWAYS being fucking late, so it was great to see a band right on time for once.

It was a great show though. Steel Panther is always fucking entertaining you know? Even if I haven’t seen a proper show ’til now, I know they’re entertaining. And it’s even better when you get to see an actual show. I’ll never forget the snyde looks Satch and Mike gave Lex when he said he had rode there on a pony. I love men who ride, so keep it up baby boy.

A more proper review will (and I promise this time! It’s almost done.) will come up on Hå, I’ll link you further as soon as it’s up!
Set: SupersonicsexMachine / Tomorrow Night / Fat Girl / Asian Hooker / Just Like Tiger Woods / Gold Digging Whore / Satchel Solo / It Won’t Suck Itself / Community Property / Eyes Of  The Panther / Girl From Oklahoma / Party All Day / Turn Out The Lights / Death To All But Metal / -Encore- / 17 Girls In A Row / Let Me Cum In 

After this, we struggled a while to get a hold of a place which was still open to get some evening food before we once again hit our hotel for some last minute sleep before tomorrows adventure.


// Sara

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