The Steel Panther Journey, part one

Finally! I’m almost done with all the important school work and I’ve also managed to gather myself a bit enough to start writing about this. It’ll be somewhat like the Lichtenfels story, divided into parts so it won’t get too long.

Destined for this trip was me, Sofia and Michelle. This is seriously one of those trips that’s been planned for far too long before it was actually happening, and we’ve come to realize that the earlier they are planned, the more epic they become. First out was the show in Oslo and we decided to go there the same day.

I met up with Michelle downtown about an hour or two before the bus was about to departure. The plan was to both make some last minute currency exchange and also put in some money in the bank.  But, conveniently, Forex figured it’d be a great idea to be shut. Just today. Right before us heading to not one, but two countries with two different currencies. Oh well, what to do? We hit the other bank and put in the money before we sat down for lunch at Subway instead.

It’s something with Subway. The parodylyrics of “The Bells Of Notre Dame” posted in the entry below (how many of you got that it was “The Bells of Notre Dame?”) was written at a Subway restaurant. But I’ll come to that later. What we really did more than eating was to worry over the time, discussing the band and Disneyfilms. Pretty much stuff me and Michelle ALWAYS do.

When we later did reach the busstop the bus was already there. WIN I SAY! We put our bags together with Sofia’s, I totally recognize her epic bag from long sight. Boarding the bus, meeting up with Sofia and soon we would be on our way. Sofia and I had a lot of catching up to do, and it was all done during the busride. Or at least a bit, hehe. Once we reached Oslo we headed to a gorcerystore to get some drinks and snacks… and after that our first adventure was about to begin.

I had sworn to print a map to mark out the hotel and the arena… but did I? No. Of course not, Of course I forgot that. So we used my pink cellphones poor navigation system, the cellphone whose screen doesn’t even work anymore, and it directed us the wrong way all of the time, until we found a street we wanted to follow. It took us 50 minutes before we actually reached the damn thing, but oh well.

Once at the hotel we… relaxed. Relaxed for five minutes or something and then started to get ready. And three girls in one hotel room.. Do I need say more? No. I guess you’ve figured. I think my favourite part was when Michelle was tieng my corset on the same time as I was removing suspenders from Sofias corset and Sofia was straightening Michelle’s hair. All at once. We were standing in a little circle. And after we worked the glitterspray in the bathroom it _literally_ looked like Edward Cullen has vomited in there. Or something.

Eventually, we all did get ready and we tied on our best partyboots, grabbed our tickets and money and ID’s and hit the roads of Oslo again, this time to find Rockefeller. Which would turn out to be more difficult than we had imagined.

To Be Continued

// Sara

For some odd reason, “The Bells Of Notre Dame” just keep coming up on my iTunes as I’m about to finish writing something regarding Steel Panther. And always when I’m done, it’s the Latin part. This forces to write

But now it’s the Roadie and Stix talking. Damn faith. 

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