Too Young To Fall In Love

My alltime favourite Mötley Crüe song. I wish they could put it back on their setlists. The video is pretty freaked out though…

Alright, so we are like on the bus right now to Oslo, where we’re gonna spend a week and celebrate New Years Eve with the Lordipeeps, hoho.

So, what have happened in the last? Well, I looked through the entire house for my very first Mötley CD but didn’t fnd it at first, which was kind of a fuck my life situation, but then I did find it all covered in dust. So glad – you see, it contains “Smokin In The Boys Room” and ever since the concert I have craved it, haha.

Talking about the Crüe, I also took myself the time to dig up The Dirt and Heroine Diaries just to realize The Dirt has turned from white to yellow of aging. Now thats being a fan for a while! Hoho!

So. It’s 30 minutes we arrive in Oslo… and the first thing we will do is first to unload our six(!!!) bags that we have with us, and then pick up mine and Sofias concerttickets to Steel Panther!! We had a little mishap with them, our original order were supposed to be picked up yesterday, but placing a new one allowed us to get them today! Woohoo!

Steel Panther at Sweden Rock 2010. Best picture I got from there since my camera were stolen

NP: All In The Name Of Rock n Roll – Mötley Crüe

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