London Part Three

So. We woke up after what truly is the most epic evening in our lives. How do you even get up after an evening like that? Well, we did eventually, got down to have breakfast again.

But you know, we did have plans for this day as well! We were gonna do some shopping. Since we have no idea how to work around London, we texted my mother and asked her directions to Hamleys, to begin there. My friend Emelie from the stable had told me they had amazing Harry Potter stuff there, so I figured I just had to go there! So we went to Picadilly Circus as she said first and then started to walk… in the wrong direction. So we called her up, and led us right again. And by this, we ended up on Regent / Oxford street, which is kind of Londons Drottninggatan I believe.

The first store we went into and purchased anything in was Mango. I got a turtlenecked knitted black shirt that I was looking for in Sweden already, love it!  Sofia got a lepardprinted Jacket, a jacket she’s been looking for too!

We kept walking the streets, went into some stores, mainly it’s like designerstores you know, so they weren’t too interesting.  We found Hamleys after a while and it was… a dream. ALL THESE PLUSHIES!!! Damn. It was hard to leave you know. And when we reached the floor with Harry Potter….  I…. no. It’s not okay. It’s at moments like this you want and need MUCH MUCH money. We didn’t purchase shit, but I swear to god how much didn’t we wanna have… We left before we did something stupid, and took the oppurtunity to play with some screaming toys.

We kept walking up the street and we managed to run into someone who was seated next to Sofia on the concert actually! What are the odds… We also reached TopShop… Malin had warned us about the place, but of course we had to go there… and we shouldn’t. Just as she said, there were SO MUCH nice stuff… but mainly… I fell in love with a lepardprinted shirt. I wasn’t however sure if I really should get it, so we figured we would go and have a snack, we were getting pretty tired.

Having this little snack (discussing Nikki Sixx so loudly people kept staring at us) we felt more.. energetic. So we figured we would give Oxford Street another shot, and first we went back to TopShop to get the leopard top… that had.. VANISHED! For some damn reason, it had… VANISHED! What the fuck, how is it even possible? Apparently it is. So well, fuck it.

It was starting to get dark, so we checked out an underwear store and then a giftshop store which in my opinion, was the best store we were ever into. I got a few gifts there, pins for my jacket and a Jack Daniels shotglass. It was also the kindest staff ever!

We had decided earlier that we were gonna have dinner with Malin and the gang, so we got back to the hotel, fixed ourselves and then head for the dinner place. We also managed to miss the busstop, so we had to run a busstation to get to the subway. But once on the subway it felt a little better. We were almost alone in our carriage so we kinda lost it you know, the way only me and Sofia can loose it. Eventually we did get to the part of town were the restaurant were located and then we, as goo as we could, run there.

The boys had already ordered for us, so we pretty instantly got the food, which was duck. I have never had duck before, so it was kinda interesting, but OH so tasty! For desert we had like, icecream with applepie. That was also, extremly, good.  After this, we got back to the hotel, sunk the last drips of Jack Daniels and then passed out…

So… last day. And the only thing we could really do was to.. do nothing. We cleaned the room to make sure we didn’t forget anything (which I almost did anyway), had one last hotelbreakfast and then we went downstairs to say goodbye to Malin and then.. head downtown. Sofia had seen this gorgeous red leatherjacket that she was thinking about the day before, so we went back and she got it. GREAT choice! We also went back to the giftshop to get some more gifts and then we headed for the airport.

And seriously, what is wrong with people in London? Here we are with alotta luggage, waiting for the Hearthrow Line, and people KEEP going before us? WHAT THE FUCK, WE HAVE A FLIGHT TO CATCH!! Eventually, after 30 minutes or something, we did get on. Thank god. Once there we at first couldn’t check in, because it was too early (like one hour) so we waited and then when we were going back.. we had to queue for an hour. Then we checked in, and were in line for another 30 minutes and then we finally had our luggage checked in, and once so far it felt safe. We went through security control and then we just chilled. We hadn’t got a gate, but we stayed at the gate were the earlier Sweden flights had left, right infront of a big screen.

This screen, did eventually become our entertainment. It was around 6pm, and there was a Madrid Plane that was supposed to have left at 3pm, still there. And some flights got cancelled, some departed… It was like russian roulette! They even had departures to the weirdest places which we looked up on google. We sang “Community Property” to the people  with the Copenhagen flight, and yes. They also seemed to play russian roulette with the Sweden flights, seeing every second flight being cancelled and every second departuring. And since we NEVER got a gate we were like OK what the fuck. half an hour before departure, we figured we would go get some candy, and of course, while we did so, we did get a gate and when we realised it, it was like “final call”. FUCK YOU.

We managed to get with the plane, We came home on time even if we were a bit delayed, we spent the night at arlanda with horny germans, riding escalators and other madness stuff. “Whats wrong, leZebra?” Haha. Sofias flightbus left earlier than mine and then… mine did too… and then.. home.

This was, as I have said, one of the best trips, and we aren’t even gonna talk about the concert. It was perfection in every corner. I can’t wait to do Steel Panther this spring. Oh yes.

// Sara

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