The Sims 3 Pets part 1

Ever since Unleashed (The Sims) were released back in the days, I have, and many others, always been wanting horses. Guess how HAPPY and surprised we were, when we saw the trailer and realized, horses are in? It made my day, and this have, after Late Night become the expansion I’ve been looking most forward to. And today I finally got it, even though it’s been released for a few weeks/days.

As I write this I’m still installing it, so I’m just going on with my expectations here. So yes, horses. In previous expansionpacks bigger animals (cats & dogs) have been a part of the family, meaning if you are a family of eight persons, you won’t be able to have those. I hope the case ain’t the same with horses, since I was planning trying it out with the Cullens, and as you know, they are already eight persons (oh my dear Rosalie…). I’m not in need right now to try out dogs and cats, as a matter of fact, I’m kinda… tired of them, haha!

I’m also glad to see iguanas, turtles and birds, and if I can believe the pictures, even hamsters/guinea pigs are back in the game, and I really missed them from Livin’ It Up / Unleashed! Adding snakes was also a real good move. So if horses aren’t availible for Cullens, I’ll still try out the rest!

Good thing is I have a new sim, whose name probably is Rose Hale or similar, who works as a ghostbuster currently, could always be the one to try it out. Or if I make a new one. Or maybe just kill Jasper or Edward (the two persons in my family who fills no other function than being in the way). No okay, let’s not be that harsh haha.

But yes. I’m overexcited now. But I’m not gonna play it right now.. I’ll do it when I’m back from the stable, where I ride real horses, hahaha!

NP: Won’t go to Heaven – Hardcore Superstar
// Sara

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