When You’re Looking Like That

One of Westlife’s bigger hits, playing from an old “Absolute Kidz” record. The song is really good to be honest.

Alright. It’s just so awkward all of it you know. Yesterday I went to my job. And I was like WOHO. Then I logged in, and I had no project I was like wait why. So I went to my superior, and she said “Hm.. You aren’t supposed to work today!” But I swear I was green. That was totally awkward moment. But I ended up working anyway, didn’t kill me.

But yes, when I started to work my ridingteacher called and as I suspected I’d end up having two horses this year again. Good grief.

So yeah, me and Emelie came to the stable one and a half hour before it started, rode one horse instantly, Kadesh for me and Champis for her. Then we got a break and I got some quality with my dearest Lady Axa. I really miss her. We took in a couple of horses, then the last girl came and the whole camp started. Riding two more horses (Falkenstein and Ballymoon) and fixing all.

Now I’m totally dead. Just drinking cola. And it feels good to know I’m gonna loose shitloads of weight doing this. YES.

NP: Fugitive – Danger Danger
// Sara

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