Liverecording from Tammerfest. I really miss it, I can’t wait to see them again. But it will take a fucking while as it seems right now. “Hot” is as well in my opinion the best song by them so far. And it’s NOT easy to beat “One More Time”.

I’m furios oh it smells like strawberries…… Okay, back on topic.. No.. the smell came back… hold on.

Okay. Now it’s gone. Okay. Today is the last working day for the week. Oh yes. Feels good. What am I then furios about, well, I’m supposed to attend to a ridingcamp, or well, sort of, and the thing here is that you can choose between two diffeent times. However, we never (not last year either) got to choose time, so now we are here. The day before, and we don’t even know what time we are supposed to be there. My friends mother called the stable, and they said they’d write it in the guestbook later.

Have they done that? Nooo. And I have asked twice, and I got the answer yesterday from a non-responsible person: “You can choose between two different times”. Yeah, thanks, but I knew that already. We hope they will put out the times later today or answer my email to them, else we have no fucking clue when to be there. And no, they have no telephone time to cal them today… Oh dear.

But now I’ll do something else to enjoy my last hours before work.

This is my 400th post by the way. WOHO.

NP: Echo Chamber – The Ark
// Sara

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