The Sims 3 Generations

Oh yeah. I had my nameday yesterday, and just because I’m a spoiled brat, I get presents. I got a hairdryer, and The Sims 3 Generations!

But I discovered something kind of amazing when I looked at the back off it. In general, this game won’t fully work with The Cullens, so I guess I’ll use Nikki Knife to experience it to the fullest, but some parts will work! And the part I’m really looking forward to, is this one…

The chemistryset is back!! You rememver it from The Sims(1)? You got it in the expansionpack Livin’ It Up, and in all honesty, and I really mean it, the chemistryset/table is actually one of the thing I have missed the most throughout The Sims 2 and The Sims 3. I remember I used to be addicted to it, buying multiple of them just to try… Oh wait. That’s like, a The Sims Memory of it’s own! I’ll take it down in it’s own entry.

Either way, I’m so glad it’s back that I’ll put Edward on it right now. No, considering I know what this table has been doing in the past, there is no way in hell I’ll put my most precious Rosalie on it… And I don’t think she has time either.. or wait… this has to be supervised carefully… Eh what the heck, lets put the ENTIRE Cullen family on each table and see what happens. But I’ll let Edward and Jasper drink it, because I simply don’t care if they die…  alright, enough said! Now it’s time for me to go out for a little while so my computer can rest and then – GENERATIONS TIME!!!

My Rosalie from The Sims(1) showing off how to work the table. Sadly she has no higher logic than to provide the blue one…. Do you guys remember this table?

// Sara

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