Paris trip Part 2.

The next day started out kinda harsh. I woke up by a phonecall from the management saying something in french. I stared in the mirror and pretty much asked him to come again but in English. He said something about breakfast, maybe I was too tired or the phoneline sucked or something, because I didn’t get it. He asked me to come down and I said sure… and went back to bed. But I didn’t go back to sleep so I just texted Martine and asked if they had called her too, which they had. I went over to her room and we decided we would go down together. Apparently – the breakfast or what to call it – closed at 9. That’s what they were trying to tell us. However – this hotel wasn’t really highstandarded, so they let us have our breakfast anyway. And who closes a breakfast at 9 on a sunday?

After babez for breakfast we went back up and started to get ready for the gig. I got some texts from Ginny during the time, their train had gotten delayed so we figured we could take a bit time – we weren’t too interested in getting to the venue before them. We also kept in touch with Thomas to see if he and his brothter would come at the same time, which they apparently wouldn’t…. Anyhow.

All of a sudden, I get a text from Ginny telling me they are not only in Paris, but outside our hotel! I thought she was fucking joking, but then I looked out my window, and would you know! There they were, Ginny and Isa. I was like HOLY CRAP and grabbed the first pair of shoes I could find and ran down to them to say hello.

It was surreal – I mean, this is freaking Isa and Ginny – two I have only been talking to online before. I mean sure – I met a lot of people off the net before, but this was so strange – probably because I never thought I’d ever actually meet them, no matter what how much I really wanted it. I talked with them for a little while before I went back up again to finish up (and talking about bad timing, Martine had just entered the shower as they showed up at the hotel).

After a while we were ready and fit for fight so we made the final call and left the hotel heading for Trabendo just to realize… Martine had forgotten her ticket. Back to the hotel, grab her ticket, and then we started to go again. On our way down we actually came across Zayka from MB, yet we didn’t know it was her until later. We weren’t too sure how to find to Trabendo, and we were real nervous… and then we saw the signs. The signs telling us where Trabendo was. Felt great.

 Gotta say though that the way to Trabendo was well complicated, and whats up with the red carpet kind of thing? Was great though, we started to think “Is this Trabendo?” when we heard Ginny and Isa starting to cheer us. It was epic. Getting down the stairs and run right over to Isa, Ginny, Jasmine and Sophie! All fellow monsterboarders (Isa, Angel of Death, mummy- and Soooophie). After a while I heard someone call my name from the bridge above and I looked up.. At first I was like, What? And then I saw.. OH MY! ITS FAIRY OF DARKNESS! And LIVINGDEADDOLLIE! They waved like crazy before they came down and went into the arena.

And from there… It all started. The entire madness. We began with recaping and getting to know new faces when we first saw OX, and Martine got starstruck. She just stood there, glared, and repeated “Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god”. It was hilarious, it really was! While Ginny and Isa were away to check into their hotel, I managed to break my heel. Seriously, it’s something only I can manage to do at such a situation.

The entire queue reacted and went “OH NOOOOOOO!”, haha, amazing. I was a bit embarrased, but on the same time – it happens to anybody so… Thomas arrived at this point too with his brother and was one nice reunion with the Awesome Threesome… dancing a little, singing a little and we also saw Mr Lordi a couple of times. When Ginny and Isa came back I went back to the hotel with Thomas to change shoes and also pick up the orders at McDonalds (who was lying just next to our hotel!) and I am gonna tell you something – that wasn’t the easiest thing to do. I had to ask a bit about the text I got, so I called up Martine only to hear Mr Lordi was there.. 

Me: Hey, can I ask you a bit about the orders? Is there supposed to be ONE stripes or four?
Martine: Mr Lordi is here! O.o
Me: Yeah, thats very cool, but tell me, whats with the stripes?
Martine: BUT MR LORDI IS HERE!!!!!
Martine: *hands over phone to Ginny*
Ginny: Hey!
Me: Hey! Thanks! So, whats up with the stripes? One or four?
Ginny: One only!
Me:  thanks!*click*

So finally I could get the orders. And then I convinced Thomas to follow me back to Trabendo, and so he did. On the way to McD, some disgusting french had been..oh, trying to hit on me (or Thomas, not sure!) so Thomas totally pretended to be my boyfriend on the way back, so that the ugly french wouldn’t abduct me. You know, a blonde sleazetramp from Sweden… asj. And once we were back and was dividing the food, Mr Lordi came by again. This time, we attacked him. No, not literally, but we did start to talk to him. We all introduced us, we also learnt Isa had a KISS shirt Mr Lordi didn’t have, we learnt that I was Pippi Longstockings (?), Martine got a cigarette from him, he recieved a doll from Zayka and her boyfriend that he promised to put on stage and he also promised Thomas they would play “Hate At First Sight” (On this tour they have been changing a bit inbetween Evilove and Hate At First Sight, and since one of the lines in Evilove is “Our night in Paris with candles” we were afraid they were gonna do Evilove.)

I must say I was very surprised over how long he actually stayed and talked with us fans, I think it was at least around 30 minutes – just makes him grow in my eyes you know. After that Thomas took off to have some dinner or something with his brother and we walked back to the queue and had our dinner… lunch… whatever you wanna vall it.

After this… something legendary happened. Amen arrived to the venue, and I, just as in 2006, yelled out “LOOK! AMEN!!”.
This would have bad consequenses.
Both Jasmin and Ginny are avid Amen fans and just as I announced he had arrived, they got so excited that they jumped to the side and yelled “WHERE?”

As the first ones in line as they were… there were a fence. And this fence, oh holy fence, wasn’t strong enough to beat down on two fangirls. It broke down, and almost took the rest of the fence with it. Everyone started screaming (obviously, since some of the crowd where sitting on the fence, hahahaha!) Amen looked at us in the strangest way and then hurried in the arena. We all just started to laugh hysterically and straightened up the fence. 

We were all in some kind of shock, that let go when they started the soundcheck and we just sang along. All of us. And when they played “Hate At First Sight” we all cheered. YES. Hate At First Sight was on!.. We hoped at least. We found it hilarious that Thomas wasn’t there yet to hear it, and we started to call him up and he said he would be there “soon”. And the hours kinda passed, and we looked up to the walk to see if he were there… we even yelled “MR PORN?!” sometimes just to see if he would react (we did this on the persons we thought looked like Thomas but we couldn’t tell for sure).

We asked Ginny, Isa, Jasmin and Sophie to join us in on yelling Mr Porn when he would arrive, and when he finally DID arrive we all cheered him “MR PORN!! MR PORN!!” and it ended being so that the entire queue started to cheer him that way too! How epic isn’t that? Thomas just stayed in the stairs, enjoying his 15 seconds of fame and showing us the heavy metal sign and then went… to the end of the queue. What the fuck? Martine got pissed, ran outta the queue and in the back to get him and his brother Walter. Thomas apparently got all worried when Martine came towards him real angry, so scared he didn’t dare to do anything but obey her. They came into the front and we could finally really talk to Walter! Real nice guy really! We stood and talked for a while, counting the minutes… they passed by so slowley! And after a while, Martine pointed at a long haired guy and said she thought she had seen him on Monsterboard…. She poke his arm and asked him if he was on Monsterboard, and it turns out he was! It was filc! That was just way epic you know… To just randomly run into Monsterboarders!

After long counting they finally let us in, and from there, I let the third entry talk.

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