Paris trip, part 1.

Alrite, I gathered myself now to start write about Paris. I will spilt this epic trip on three different entries – Saturday, Sunday and the gig! So here goes, SATURDAY.

This might have been the most epic trip ever really. First we can begin with the fact that I actually had to leave Sweden at what, 3am. It was real cozy though – it was dark outside and the bus was silent and not too full either. Hoever we did leave the station a bit late, and that kinda freaked me out, since I had a tight timeschedule to make it to the flight. But thanks to the new road or whatever it is, we advanced and arrived in Oslo 15 minutes earlier than planned. By now I’m quite familiar with Oslo (or at least the central parts) and since we went to the flytrain to pick up Thomas, it was a piece of cake to find it. And I got with the first one! So I was well in time for the flight, no more stress! Once checked in at the airport I bumped into the lovely Martine and we headed for security and the taxfree. Did you know there are no softdrinks in the taxfree? We were looking for a coke but all we could ever find was alcohol. Nice.


I must say, for two girls from Scandinavia that speaks no french, we handled it pretty good down there. No mishaps or anything – we got to the hotel safely. I guess it’s all thanks to Jordan Mooney and his researches and map he fixed for us. Thank you, dear. And also thanks to Martines dad who made sure we found the hotel. I though gotta say – that might have been the weirdest hotel EVER. It was said when we booked it that it was supposed to be a quite nice hotel… But what the you know… My room was almost smaller than the ones in Hotel Micro and my bathroom didn’t have a lock. And we just… relaxed for a while. Just laid down, or, I did, me and Martine had our own rooms so I can’t tell what she did, but oh well, haha. After an hour or so we asked Thomas to come, and the procedure to get him to our hotel was the first hilarious thing ever. He got out at the subway, just as we, but for some reason he had problems to find our hotel. We literally hang out of the windows looking for him and screaming after him, and we saw him once in a while, but for some reason he went totally different ways and ended up at a hospital… way off. He did however find the hotel later on, and we were just about to get down and get him as he came up instead. Apparently the guy in the reception had presumed he was up to visit us, so he had sent him up to our floor.


And we just… froze up there. It was one nice reunion. We listened to some The Mumblers songs, talked ALOT about the next day, and just recaped of the recent happenings. After a while Thomas started to build a tower of cellphones and after a long long while he succeeded. At this point though, we were really starving so we went out on a pizza hunt… I think we walked across half the centre of Paris before we realized we had a pizzahut right across the street. After having some fine pizza and pepsi (in the name of Mr Lordi!) we went back to the hotel to make even more cheesy Lordi videos, refining our choreographies and all. After a while Thomas left and it was just me and Martine again. Updating a little on facebook, and then we were done, and went to bed.

Stay tuned! I will soon update with more.

// Sara

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