Mr Otus, part two.

Ok. I gathered myself now, Yet I didn’t expect it to become a Mr Otus part two. But it did.

This is Mr Otus. Due to the lack of knowledge of what he actually is, he gets the name “otus” which is the finnish word for “creature”. Or something like that. However, Mr Lordi have been able to indetify certain parts – he is supposed to be a mixture of a butcher, a lizzard, an executioner, an alien and a zombie.

In context this means he is an alianlizzardzombie that works as a butcher and occasionally executes. When the time is right. And someone needs to be executed. And no, he won’t really ask for your permission. It’s just nothing you do you know.

I have to excuse the lack of research that he been done before putting these up – I hope it’s ok.
But here he is atlest, the alianlizzardzombie Butcher.

Mr. Otus

The mad butcher goes bump in the night
And loneliness – it makes nights endless
The farm bathes in the thumping moonlight
It incubates – my grief and madness
And sometimes that’s when I get a Deadache”

// Sara

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