One of the most underrated Lordi songs in my opinion. It’s real great and it also brings you strength, you know?

Ok. This weekend has been… WEEEEIRD. I can’t really tell you about it, it’s kinda confidential, if-you-know-what-I-mean ; ) But I had a blast, and shopping with Sofia is never bad! Got som real nice stuff, for instance, a leatherjacket with… things… on it… flippedyfloppedy thingywingys.

The bus back home was a rather disaster though. FIRST OF ALL, they had to divide all the passengers into two busses, and with my luck, I did of course end up in the one without internet nor elecricity. Great. The same thing happened at Eurovision Song Contest. However, we didn’t need to do that stop in Västerås, which made us ahead of schedule, so it was all great on that matter…. until we reached Kristinehamn. The busdriver told us the company had told him to GO BACK to Karlskoga to pick up some people.

So we had to go back to Karlskoga. And once there, we waited for like half an hour for the people who couldn’t get on the bus in Örebro (the busses were overbooked!) and then we went back to Kristinehamn AGAIN.

So instead of coming home 45 minutes in advance, we ended up being 30 minutes late. Great. Let’s just say I was NOT in a good mode.

And I don’t really know what’s happening, but I’m getting sick AGAIN! I have been sick pretty much ever since Nosturi, how the hell did this happen? I really hope I’ll be better until Germany.

Yeah, we kinda confirmed today that we’re going to Hannover. Yes, it’s Lordi, what else… Going with the very best Paula and Peter to this event of course. I think it’s going to be epic. I still turns my gut upside down though, while going down to Stockholm I kinda paniced when I had a dream about the concert, and when I “hit the drums” it was just a blackhole and I woke upp by it, and it kinda…. yeah. It just feels weird you know, that he is gone. I hope that the panic will go away as soon as the new drummer is done and flashed to all of us. I really do.

Alrite, it’s getting real late over here, but at least you know I’m alive now! See you tomorrowz!

NP: Babez For Breakfast – Lordi
// Sara

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