With Erasure. It’s the track of the REALLY POPULAR game “Robot Unicorn Attack” Always,I wanna be with you!

Ok. I haven’t been posting for a while. Why? Because I had a mental breakdown *lol* which resulted in bananas and milkshake parties with Amen. I haven’t been up to much lately, only like, being on Monsterboard and being sick. I also had the time to realize that I have lost almost ALL of my Lordi shirts. How is this possible? It’s kinda easy. Lordi is more or less the only band I keep buying merchandise with, and of course that includes mainly shirts, and since the pile in the shelf ALWAYS is big because of this, I haven’t really noticed. But I did now. I did notice my Kita face shirt was gone.OK, I did actually notice that a long time ago but you know… I hadn’t really cared. I thought it was in the wardrobe. And would you know, there is exactly where it was. So now it is on it’s right place, on top of my new Lordi shirt.

Now I just need to find the one with the Arockalypse middleposter with a red frame, the the arockalypse yellow thingy…. OK I lost track already. If Anyone just happens to see a Lordi shirt lying around in my room, just put it on the shelf. For all I care you can put it in the Wig Wam or KISS shelf, just put it on it’s proper home you know!

I also took the time to install all the The Sims 1 games. It’s ridiculously silly to say The Sims 1, but saying just The Sims makes people presume it’s 2 or 3, because no one is as old school and hardcore as me to have the first edition. And talking about the first edition, I had to open my collectible games, because all the games from the first print/edition have lost their books = lost serial code. It broke my heart to open the brand new On Holiday, Unleashed and Houseparty. But then again – I love the game more.

On Holiday is my favourite one. I don’t know – but it is really appealing somehow. Maybe it’s because it’s yellow, maybe it is because it’s got those awesome tunes, maybe it is that little hotel sign that I love… I also love Hot Date…. you know what.

I’ll cut it here. Really. I’ll talk The Sims tomorrow instead. I’m sick, my head aches, and I better divide Lordi and The Sims, haha!

NP: Shout – The Show By SO.
// Sara

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