Lordi, Nosturi, Helsinki 18/9

Lordi gained their massive success in 2006, when they entered AND won the Eurovision song Contest with 292 points and the song “Hard Rock Hallelujah”, please, don’t tell me you never heard of them. It’s been four years since this, and two albums later they are here with “Babez For Breakfast”, and Paula and I went to the releasegig at Nosturi to catch the monstars live.

WARNING! This entry may contain language only understandable to the people within the scarctic circle, with other words, the Lordi language. You’ve been warned.

So, we got to the arena half an hour or so before they opened and ended up kinda way back in the queue. However, the people surrounding us must have thought we were nuts. Jumping around sining Pippi Longstockings and stuff… connected to Amen… Haha, no, I won’t tell : ) Anyways, what DO sucks, is that it started to rain! Yes! I know, I’m was in Finland, at Nosturi, I should’ve been happy, and I was, but it was cold already as it was.. We were let in anyway, went to the merch, picked up some merch and went in. First we felt fucked. It was CROWDED. Sort of. But then we saw it. The holy platform. Like Pamela Anderson from Baywatch we walked in Slow Motion over to the platform, falling, tackling with finnish people… and then we got there. Exhausted as we were, we stood there, as true soldiers, as Swedish Pagans.

However, no supportband was signed up for this, so it was a waiting of TWO HOURS until they started. It was fine though, usually I’d have been really pissed off, but considering that it 1, was Lordi, and 2, I had the very best Paula with me, it was just fine! We both got a little cranky around 10 when we just wanted them to start and they kept… not coming. “They smashed the clocks and the time did freeze. Dragged out the night to keep us on our knees”.

10.10. They came. On stage. Kita, OX, Amen, Awa. During the sound of horror of SCG V they came. Once the baby ate its mother, Kita hit the drums and with smoking guns they hit it off with “Babez For Breakfast”. It is something with Lordi, that just makes them disgustingly awesome, you know? It is something with the song – the band, the arena, the fans, something, that just made it so disgustingly awesome. It felt great to see that it was the hardcores that were here – the ones who knew it all.

They continued on with “They Only Come Out At Night”, and followed it up with another single of their, “Bite It Like A Bulldog”. Or ratherly, OX’s song. And you know, during the Deadache tour I had to walk out at this point to leave my camera right, so I totally missed it when the creep came out with OX in a chain… but finally I got to see it… wow. Haha, it was real creepy actually, I gotta say.

They are ripping off both “Whos Your Daddy” (where me and Paula went nuuutz!) and “Blood Red Sandman” before another Babez song came, the very so great “Rock Police”. It was one of the songs I had a hard time for in the beginning, but it has really grown on me know. I just love it. And Lordi is the elite of rock n rolls finest… And after this? Lets declare once and for all that this indeed is heavy metal. Yeah, you got it. And this song live? It’s just pure awesomeness, as Paula would say!

After getting a little heavy the very beautiful, and can I say now on sexy Lady Awa gets her 15 minutes in the spotlight. Of course it is with her “Rebirth of The Countess” and there is nothing I love more than to see this hot little vampire kill the bastards. Kill… KILL… KILL!

While killing those bastards she also throws us into the Discoevil, and it got some real toxic tones! I just love it, and I really hope they keep it (and the other Babez songs!) to the REAL tour (NO, this was NOT the tour-start)

SCG3 is hitting off and once again we get threatened to what will happen if we choose to follow the wrong path. Lordi gets out with his fox on his head to declare that despite what people say about Lordi being heavy metal or not, they are still brining it back. Or, “Brining Back The Balls”. Rather.

“Monster Monster”, “It Snows In Hell” ( I really thought they’d be playing “Call Off The Wedding”..) “Loud & Loaded” (also Babez song!) when it was time for the also now very… hot (I’ll keep short on the s e x word!) Amen gets his spotlight. Yes – Kita had his spotligt, and so did I OX, I just can’t remember specifically when during the concert they had it… But Kita just did what he always did. Chopping that damn chinese heads off! Way cool. Keep it up darling.

And just as on Deadache Amen introduced us to the very awesomest “Dr Sin Is In” Oh how I could pay just to see OX hit that corpse just one more time! Ending the set for this time with “Would you Love A Monsterman?” they leave us wanting more. As always.

But come on, it’s only Mötley Crüe who leaves without encores, so of course Lordi comes back. Mister says something in finnish, which apparently was either good or funny, because all the soumi talking people in the place loved whatever he was saying. So we did too. We just expect that it was something good he said. And when he introduced the next song, I thought I was gonna faint.

I thought; “Alrite. Either they do ‘Nonstop Nite’ or they just do the awesome twosome and leaves…” when I heard the four words. The four words, that togheter becomes a sentence of one of the best Lordi songs ever made. The words where hate, at, first, sight. Put them togheter and you get “Hate At First Sight”. Do you believe it? “Hate at First Sight”. Maybe the best B-track ever made by them, “Hate At First Sight”, LIVE. LIVE.I couldn’t believe it. I never thought we’d ever hear a B-Track live on stage, even if we all really wished for it. And the Lord heard our wishes.

They ended the entire concert with the awesome twosome – “Devil is a Loser” and “Hard Rock Hallelujah” with a lot of pyros, kinda interesting you know, on the Deadache tour, or, the place where *I* saw them on the Deadache tour, they didn’t have any pyros at all so it was kinda fun to see them have all these pyros in what I think is a pretty small arena. Sure, Nosturi is bigger than Klubben but you get me.

It’s hard to say anything bad about Lordi. This gig was ace, Lordi is always ace. I do miss songs like “Missing Miss Charlene” and “Deadache” (Especially “Deadache”) since it is my faves, but it’s ok. What did surprice me most is the fact that they barely played any stuff off the new album. I thought they were gonna play it all from scratch and to the end, but apparently not. Apart from that, I have nothing to complain about. It was just pure awesomeness.
It hurts like hell – m oh well, I know I’ll come back again”.

Best: Hate At First Sight!
Lowest: The lack of Babez material

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