The More Things Change

This might be the best song by Cinderella. So far at least. I got 3 records, but this is the song that just… ahhh!

I’m at my internship at the moment,updating their homepage, or try at least, I hope it’ll work out.

About my internship. I’m at a newspaper called Värmlandsbyden, and I have to say that I have 11 days left. 11 days. ONLY 11 days. I’d do anything to be able to be here fulltime. I hate school, doesn’t keep up with it, so being here, at VB, is really… nice. I love the folks here, I love the building, and I love Koneo. I’ve started my own little magazine (yes – inspired as hell) so I love to be downstairs in the Koneo store and look at al this office material, post-it notes, printers, envelopes, and I’m imagening that one day I’ll get stuff here. I’ve even found a place at Haga that I could rent. In my dreams. Well, you can rent it, but I don’t have the money.

I had some horsebackriding yesterday, and I got Bidde, or Half Moon Black Biondi. He’s private. He’s a nice horse. And I enjoyed riding him.

Ok – I told you like a week ago that I’d tell you more about HammerFall and AC/DC, so here’s my shot.

We begin with HammerFall. They had a signingsession at Bengans the same day AC/DC had their concert, so it was a perfect clash! They have recently released “No Sacrifice, No Victory” (and I got it 😀 Any Means Necessary or how to spell is GREAT!) so we went there. The queue wasn’t too long, but guess my surprice when I saw my little Oscar with… dam dam dam! BLONDE HAIR!. BLONDE!!! He used to have black, which fitted him better if you ask me. But he was still beutiful. So, it isn’t that much to say about this except from that it was fun to finally meet them Pontus Norgren I’ve met before, but none in HammerFal.

About AC/DC. As I said – the best concert ever! So far. They had this HUGE stageshow with a ENTIRE TRAIN!! On their stage. And they were just so good! And they sang my favourite song!… ahh… I can’t describe it, yet I have published a review, and I’ll give you the link… soon. Not yet.

Hm, the FT folder broke down. That can’t be god. I better start working before I crash the system.

NP: Any Means Necessary – HammerFall

// Sara

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