Home Sweet Home

May be the best Mötley Crüe ballad ever. EVER. I just love this song. Especially the part about his heart being a open book. God, how I love it!

I haven’t been updating for a couple of days, sorry for that one! I’ve been busy – AC/DC concert is the main reason.

It was unbelivable. It was AMAZING! I can’t even describe it. It was the BEST concert, EVER!

Today I’ve just been at my internship, and now it’s clear that I’ll be interviewing Molotov Jive 😀

This great.

First tuesday without Shear Genius. Feels kinda empty. buhu. I miss them – Palle, D, Dannie, Niccie, yes, Even Challe. and Kissie. I miss their bitchyness. But Shear Genius is just a buttonpress away, so I can watch, now if I like.

I got some new records as well.
5 Vinyls and 4 CDs.
Dokken – Back For The Attack
Lita Ford – Dancing On The Edge
TNT – Tell No Tales
TNT – Knights Of The New Thunder
TNT – Intuition

Cinderella – Nightsongs
Cinderella – Hearbreak Station (On this album you hear how heavily influed glamrock is by country!)
Poison – Crack A Smile…And More
Mötley Crüe – Girls Girls Girls.

By the way – I met HAMMERFALL! HAMMER FUCKING FALL! I met them the same day I went to the AC/DC concert. Right now I’m pretty tired though, so I’ll write about that one tomorrow.

Good night

Np: Between Your Eyes – Ratt
// Sara

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