Blood Red Sandman

Can you hear all the children weep? Chills of fear like a sawblade cutting deep?

Blood Red Sandman. Honestly one of the first songs I ever heard of Lordi. And it’s one of it’s best, which is not that ununderstandable, since it’s on their so far best album The Monsterican Dream. They’re releasing a new album called “Deadache” in October, guess who’s looking forward? Not me! XD


Enough about Lordi. What’s the day been like? Or maybe the recent days… haven’t been posting for a while. Anyhow, it’s been okay. School began for real now, and it feels great to be honest. I began the new class “Organization & Leadership” and we have a really good teacher, so I guess I can survive that. And the mediaproduction on the morning was obviously good, we had Robban for fucks sake!

Didn’t do so much when I got home though, just looked for a new camera, and I found one. I’m not sure what it’s called, and I’m way to lazy to check up right now, but it’s a camera from Sony. It’s a pretty small camera, but it’s just as good as those “Wannabe-systems”. So the concertstaff can’t take it for a systemcamera, but I’ll still get good pictures! Great.

I hate myself sometimes, did you know? not only the fact that I’m interrupting myself, but also for the fact how easy I fall asleep! Jimmy Kimmel began on Swedish TV last night, and Tommy Lee was one of the guests, GREAT! If it wouldn’t have been for the fact that I actually slept the *6* minutes he was on TV. I saw everything before, and woke up when the band played, which they did after he’d been there. GOD. I had told myself that I’d notice when Tommy Lee went on… but. That’s life I guess.

So, enough about yesterday (September 1st) What about today? Well, began well. Didn’t begin school until 13.00, so I could get up later (got up at 10.30 or something, haha!) And literally the first thing I did was to search for the episode with Jimmy Kimmel and Tommy Lee, so now I’ve seen that finally!

Went to school, obviously, and we were just up to have Physical Education today, so of course I brought my gymclothes, when the first thing our teacher is doing is to tell us that it’s cancelled. Or at least the physics is. But we still had a little talk for like 50 minutes. Reallt worth it >.<. Not. But it’s okay. Our physical teacher is really fun to listen to while talking. He’s a great talker. And he’s funny! I mean, he could like point at three tables and give them orders and tell the fourth table to shut up, haha! How many teachers does that! And he also humiliated the firstgraders, that wasn’t that funny… cause he sort of humiliated us too. But I can survive…. I believe.

So after having like 50 minutes of “physical” education, I went home doing nothing. Yet we went to the electronic stores and checked out the camera I wanted, so now it’s definitely clear what camera I’m going to have. GREEEAAAT! My hamster died, I thought, but he hadn’t I found out. He looked dying, but he recovered. Don’t even ask how he did that.

I don’t really think I have that much to write about anymore, else that I’m so looking forward to the beginning of october and the middle of December, when I’ll finally get on concerts again. It’s Sabaton twice in the beginning of October togheter with Lina and Katja and in December it’s Motörhead and Vince Neil (!!!) togheter with Katja, Linn, Tommie and Caroline.

So Okay, until I have anything better to talk to you about, I believe I should cut it.

// Sara
NP: The Children Of The Night – Lordi

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