Cry tough

A Poison song. My Poison shirt is gone. I hate it. Judas Priest, Ace Frehley.. anyone of these could’ve disappeared, but NOT POISON! However.

Back to school today. Fun? Not really.

Thought we are at lot less than we used to be. I knew that at least 2 were about to quit, but it feels like we lost half of our class. One by one they fell off, it seems like. But it’s ok. The less is more. In this case.

Our class is the same though. Some clowns, some others… shall not bring up anyone specific, but… same people, so it’s the same shit.

Anyhow. I still have some things to look forward to. Sabaton in October, Motörhead and hopefully Vince Neil in October. And Lordi is releasing their new album this autunum, Gossip Girl, Dirty Sexy Money, Grey’s Anatomy and CSI Las Vegas (not as good as Miami, but good enough) is back. I can’t complain.

Anyway,I shouldn’t keep you occupied more, so that’s it for today. See you tomorrow!

// Sara
Np: Cry Tough – Poison

2 Responses to “Cry tough”

  1. Svar: Ja, han var ju det x)

  2. Svar: Vi bråkade bara lite, som vanligt.

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