My Christmas

What did I get? höhö:

 Rest In Sleaze – Crashdiet from Mum
Mötley Crüe – The Dirt: Bekännelser från världens mest ökända rockband
from Grandma
Headphones (Sony MDR-ED21LP)
from Grandma
from Grandma (I chosed it when me n Mum was at shock 17th)
Revenge – Kiss from Lina
Hot In The Shade – Kiss
from Lina
Mobilejewelary  from Kjersti
20th Centuary Mastercollection Vol 1- Kiss
from Katja
from Grandma (haha, I owned my brother in it XD)
Necklace from Paula
Glasses from Carolin, Georg, Philip
Bon Voyage from Mother
Teenage Stuff
from Andreas
Videocamera (JVC GR D720E)
from my Father.

Lovley <3. Sure I can’t use it at concert, the camera, but neither can you with big digitalcameras XD haha.

But I can start videoblogging again ❤

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