50 top hate n love thingz

Elly wanted me to fill this in, so here we go.

Top 25 things I hate and 25 I love.

Top 25 things I hate:

1. Failing

2. Wannabe-Rockers

3. The Ark sayin’ their Glamrock, when they’re not (and they now it, “the number of the beast”)

4. People who buys tons of Hairspray just to shoot it in the air. Pointless, idiots.

5. Drugs ‘n similar (yes, I know about Sex, Drugs n Rock n Roll, I can just qoute Tyler: Take away drugs, it’ll be more of the others)

6. Missing People

7. Not havin’ any concerts to look forward to.

8. War. The war is not over, everyone knows it

9. People who download the music instead of buying the CD. FUCK YOU! You really cheat on your band!

10. People who live for sleeping around with guys and that party next weekend where they can get drunk. Again. Tragic.
(I can just agree with Elly)

11. To not find Pickles old sign.

12. Wig Wam’s singer, Glam.

13. Fjortisfans, those who only like the band cause they look nice. (and so on)

14. Wannabe The Sims fans

15. That all the first the Sims games is so cheap.

16. That “my” horse is dead, miss her waaay too much.

17. The Idea of ideal beuty (yes, I did qoute the Ark, never said I hated them, did I?)

18. Breaking bones. Hurts much.

19. People thata gets mad cause you say something.

20. People that aren’t there to help you, cause they just do stuff so they get it good.

21. Havin’ so less money that I can’t enter concerts (The Poodles and Gotthard >.<)

22. That 2007 is soon over.

23. That Rosén left HammerFall 😦 Fuck him!

24. PEople who doesn’t respect opinions

25. That my best rabbit died.

Top 25 things I love:

1. Love and friendship. Can’t get enough of that.

2. Hugs

3. THE 80’S! FUCK!

5. Concerts

6. Good bands

7. Boots

8. My School

9. Horsebackriding

10. Havin’ music convoes, ohh <33

11. A Nightmare on Elm Street <33

12. LATCH.

13. Christmas and B.Days

14. Boys with LOOONG Hair (Oscar Dronjak’s hair)

15. Rabbits

16. Photographing, Live then.

17. Cola

18. Tavell long for concerts, the Berlin trip was a blast ❤

19. Vinnie Cusano, he is so hot!

20. The Sims.  (not the sims 2)

21. Sleaze/Glam guys<3

22.Beein’ on MSN

23. Animals in general

24.  Brooke Theiss

25. Cleaned rooms…

I would like KATJA.D. to fill this in next ;)

One Response to “50 top hate n love thingz”

  1. Love:
    14) Oscar D with long hair. EWWWWWW. Should’ve put that in my hate list ;D But he’s too gross even for the hate list. He goes into the uber-gross-ew-hate list.
    12. LATCH
    You were too hot to fit in my love list ;D If that was me you were talking about ;D Latch could be a pet name for the dude with hairy armpits ;D
    19)Vinne Cusano
    25) Cleaned rooms
    Too bad you never see any ;D

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