Mighty, Glorious…

At the end of the rainbow, with gold in our hands…..

Once again the headline has nothing to do with the blog. It’s my favourite song with HammerFall just 🙂 It feels like Legacy Of Kings will end up as my favourite HammerFall album, but at the moment it’s Chapter V: Unbent, Unbowed, Unbroken. Blood bound<3

So, here I am. And I have bought. 2 Christmasgifts. wallawalla. Need to get the gifts to the abroad people bought NOW, since I have to ship them. The problem is just that XD No one knows what they want. I guess it’s like Oscar said:
When you were younger, you wished alot for christmas. Nowadays, when you’re older, you usually buy the things yourself, and all you wish is a sweet christmas”

But how is that gonna help me o.o but to the musicinterested abroad friends of mine (or well – all my abroad friends are music interested hahaha) it’s easier.

So what am I doing at the very moment? Just havin’ classes, Mediaproduction (just translated XD) and I’m up to find out 10 things to tell Sagoprinsarna (Fairytailsprinces) about some tips, since they’re taking over the webmagazine next semester. Not so fun, did found out like 4 😛 That’s something at least.

I thought it was really time to make up a little list over bands I want to see and such, and so I am, here’s a painting.

Yeah. Well, I guess there’s nothing more to say today to be honest, so I’ll quit here.

See yah and take care
NP: Templars Of Steel – HammerFall
// Sara
5 days until Marilyn Manson

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