Never Ever

smile, never ever talk, knowing that my life won’t be the same…

To be honest, The headline and 2nd headline has nothing to do with the blog, It’s just the song I’m currenlty listening to.
A really great song by HammerFall, it’s a sad one, and if it’s autenthic (that this is a experience of the author) Then I must cry 😦 It’s sooo out of HammerFall usual subjects, and it’s one of the few songs Dronjak wrote the lyrics on, so yeah :/ I’m just 😥 about it. Wonder what happened. Or wait, I’m not even sure if I wanna know.

I’m at school at the very moment. Doing nothing, the first lessons begins… now acctually. It’s swedish, should’ve been writing a little novel, haven’t. Or, I have begun on it last week, it just ain’t done. And that shouldn’t matter, we should be able to write on it today aswell. I hope at least. If not, I guess I’ll sneakingly write on it.

Something I want is that I want all the christmaspresent bought, I’ve got…. one. To my KK <3.(KatjaDronjak)

jaja, I guess I should stop write this and pay attention to the teacher. I guess. OH YES!!! Our teacher just told us that we can work with the novel today! YES! (yeah, this is an authentic blog haha XD) So now 😀 I can just relax.

Okay, gotta start working!
Np: Shandi – Kiss
See yah!
// Sara
10 days left to Marilyn Manson

One Response to “Never Ever”

  1. You’re allowed to listen to music in classes?!

    Shut UPPPP

    *packs stuff*

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