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“Fallen Worlds” – New song from Art Nation

Posted in Music with tags , , on June 17, 2019 by Sara Hammerzmith

Well hello there again. I guess there are still some interesting things happening music-wise, despite everything with that other band. Art Nation, a band I’ve held very very fondly ever since my discovery for them in 2016, has finally released a new single from the upcoming album “Transition”.

This release makes me extremely happy on so many levels. Art Nation is a band that has gone through… A lot. Can I use those words? It’s been constant line up changes, canceled gigs and they even went mute for a while. To be perfectly frank, I wasn’t even sure if they were still a band at this point. But a while ago, they announced their new line up, and now the first single dropped.

Alexander mentioned in the statement from the band that this is what he wants Art Nation to sound like, which makes me both excited and worried, as they are the best thing I’ve heard in the AOR scene since H.E.A.T.

Wow so okay. This song starts very heavy. I get some instant flashbacks to when I first heard the Dynazty album “Renatus” for the first time – when I expect some AOR / Melodic stuff and instead end up with something closer to the genre of melodic metal than anything.

The song is, in fact, heavier than anything Art Nation has ever done before, with electronic elements ala Amaranthe. Some nice melodic lines can be found in the chorus, otherwise it’s what I would call a renewed Art Nation.

And now… Remember what I wrote earlier? That I was worried and exited from Alexanders words, and I had reasons to be so. The song isn’t bad – lyrically it feels like it’s a very typical Art Nation song.

I didn’t dislike the song. Not at all. But I’ll admit that I’m even more anxious now about the possible genre change. Not sure how to feel about it.

// Sara