The First Soldier

Isn’t it just amazing how time flies by and I seem to not even touch the blog? Many reasons as to why I will tell you – school, work, everything. But I’ll try to get more consistent with it – and is there any way better to start than to talk about Sabaton?

Starting from last year, Sabaton has started to release these mini-EPs with songs and stories from World War I, featuring a new song on each. On the last one, “Weapons of the Modern Age” the new song “Father” about Fritz Haber and his invention of the Cyklon-B gas which was used in the trenches and later in the gas chambers of WWII – but he also invented fake fertilizer – giving the world a literal sinner or a saint picture – a lot of people were killed with his invention, but many more were saved.

Now, it is time for the second EP in the same genre – “Heroes of the Great War” where they have focused more on specific soldiers, such as Peghamagabow, Alvin York and Adrian Carton de Wiart, we are now presented the new single “The First Soldier”.

The first soldier is, as quoted from Sabaton’s own website:

“France’s Albert Severin Roche became known as “The First Soldier” of France for his heroism and bravery. Despite his small stature and his peers’ scepticism, by the end of WW1 Albert had more than proved himself, having captured over 1,180 prisoners while fighting for the French Army.”

So, let’s talk about the music shall we?

The first thing that strikes me is the almost cheerful, and bombastic intro leading up to the verses. You are instantly given this heroic feeling – and the positive feeling is the red string throughout the song, and it leads the thoughts directly back to “Versaille”, the last track on “The War to End All Wars”. At times, I’m given slight Dragony-vibes (think Viribus Unitis album) and I do like it a lot. If you look at the overall EP – it is rather filled with all the more cheerful tunes. And I’m liking it a lot!

So, what are your guys thoughts? Let’s discuss below!

// Sara

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