Gonna Get You Someday

And today, the day I never thought would ever come.. came.

Today while at work, my phone started buzzing like crazy. Thinking it was some other business at first, I cursed a bit under my breathe and asked everyone to calm down. But going outside, I saw it was “just” some people tagging me.

Not just any people. People I’ve gotten to know through a certain band, and I felt it was a bit odd that these people creep out of the shadows out of nowhere. At first, I just shook it off, just to moments later received a photo from Thomas. These people, Thomas… I didn’t have time to open, but I couldn’t help to ask myself… Is Wig Wam having a comeback or what is going on?

And indeed.

At this point I’m still at loss for words. Whenever I hear a single second, a single word from this band… I tear up. Cry fest deluxe. I was sitting looking at my Setlist.fm and just thought to myself how some of these bands, like Wig Wam, will never have a higher number.

And now this is released. I guess, I just got my 3rd confirmed festival for next year. Regardless of the rest of the bands. I still can’t believe this. Wig Wam, again? Wow.

// Sara

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