The Great War + “Fields of Verdun”

So, it is time finally. FINALLY Sabaton has unveiled what is going to be the next album – titled “The Great War”. And I can’t even contain my excitement.

So, this is the coverart for the new album. Unlike previous albums, I’d actually dare to say that this cover is one of the heaviest yet. A bit macabre, if you ask me. The smoke turning into skulls, the soldier crying (crying blood or simply bleeding through his hands is up for your own interpretation) on top of fallen soldiers of war… It’s macabre. It’s the only word I can really use.

“The Great War” is for those who might be a bit uninformed, World War I. So, they continue along the path of concept albums, a path they walked down since “Carolus Rex”, the aforementioned being about the Swedish Empire, “Heroes” which covered stories about unique soldiers in war, and “The Last Stand” about the battles that ended whatever war they were from.

And I love concept albums, so bring it on. And I’m glad the focus has shifted from WWI to the first one. Now, they have of course covered WWI before occasionally, but not like this.

Which leads me to the second point of the post, the snippet of the first song “Fields of Verdun”.

“Fields of Verdun” covers the battle of Verdun, which is said to be the longest and most lethal combat of World War I. It was fought between German and French armies, and it lasted for a bit over nine months, with the French standing as victors in the end. That is, as far as there is any “victory” in war – it’s all just a bloodbath to me.

So.. about the snippet. There is a 10 second snippet that came with the History Channel Episode… And… Yeah.

It’s not that it’s bad. So far it sounds good, and it sounds very typical Sabaton. It’s very hard to judge something simply based of a few seconds – but these seconds are extremelt similar to “Poltava”. I was even able to sing along with the melodyline. It gives me flashbacks to when I heard “Winged Hussars” the first and were about to flip my shit. So let’s hope that it was just a temporary thing.

But despite that… I am so excited I can’t even wait!!! And on my name day of all day!! July 19th!

// Sara

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