Sweet but Psycho

Hello blog. It has truly been some time.

I have just had waay too much on my mind to be able to properly produce anything worthy to post here. I don’t even know where to begin?

The tour was good. I’ll admit it had its ups and downs, and some people have truly shown their true colors – both bright colors as well as dark. I got to see so many new places and faces, and one major highlight of the tour was indeed the trip to Vienna.

Maria joined me down there, and we did a lot of touristing and exploring, visited the Spanish Ridingschool and saw two wonderful concerts.

After that, I’ve been home. I attended Sabaton Cruise, my 30th Sabaton show ever. The show was.. I mean, it’s ironic and beautiful all at the same time that my 30th Sabaton show also turns into a Carolus Rex show, as that is my favorite kind of shows. Beautiful.

After this and a show of H.E.A.T I’ve simply stayed here trying to catch my breathe. Life eventually catches up with you, and not everything goes as planned. Gladly, I have some of the best friends in the world to catch me whenever I am falling.

With the risk of sounding way too cliche, it’s a new year now. And the sky is already looking brighter. Perhaps not in this second I am writing this, but in general. Next up on my list is 70.000 Tons of Metal, and I could so desperately need a vacation right now. From everything, and everyone.

// Sara

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