Dr Sin is In

The last officially two days in Paris was spent rather calmly actually. On Friday, I treated myself to a stroll in Jardin de Luxembourg, I love this park. Taking in the sun, and the nature, doing some pokemon. I spent the evening catching up at work, which was great. It felt good to make up for some lost time.

On Saturday we went to the place where Victor Hugo lived a part of his life. On my last long stay in Paris, I made it there, but never got the chance to go inside since I ran out of time, so it was obvious that this time we just had to do this.

It was really nice actually – to go inside and see how he lived, or in general, how people lived in that century to begin with. Very beautiful place.

After this, we headed off for a dinner at a pizzaplace, and later discovering one of those rooftop gardens. We wrapped up the night rather early, considering tomorrow, we were set to go to Belgium to attend the Female Metal Voices tour.

// Sara

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