So the tour has officially begun! Yesterday, or, Sunday, perhaps I should say, I started my journey from home onwards. Funny thing – and amazing – is that I was completely alone on the bus to Oslo.

When we asked the driver where he wanted my luggage, he said anywhere is good, because you are the only passanger. Like, WHAT? But I didn’t mind not at all. Had the best busride I probably ever had due to that, amazing conversations and everything. He was the best.

Once in Oslo, I hit up Jörgen for a quick lunch before taking the plane to Paris and quickly getting to my hotel and basically die.

Monday, on the other hand, was far better. I slept in for the first time in forever – aside from waking up all the time. I was on the phone with Vincent until close to midnight, and then just fell asleep right after. Woke up, got to bed “properly” and then at 4 am, my computer was like “lets spit out that The Sims 3 CD” so that started making noises. But aside that, good night really.

I met up with Laura around 14, and we started walking around Paris. When packing, I was so proud that I got everything I needed and still didn’t pack too much and all of that, only to realize that it’s basically summer still in Paris. And all I brough was my combat boots.

Our first stop was actually at the Sacre Coeur Cathedral. It wasn’t very crowded, so this time we could actually step inside it and see all the magnificency that is the church. They are seriously so beautiful on the inside.

We stayed at the plateu for really long to catch up on what is new in our lives. While we talk relatively often, it was a long time since we SAW each other in the flesh, and it was so nice. At this point, we decided to hit up an H&M to get me some colder shoes to wear (as to not die from the heat!) and then went to a Starbucks for a coffee. We ended up spending the rest of the afternoon there, chatting and talking, and leaving just as they were about to close.

In the warm parisian night we decided to hit up Notre Dame, taking the Louvre on the way there. And seriously.. All these places are just so much more beautiful at night. In the darkness. When they light up, and you see all their true beauty.

There was a street musician playing close to the Louvre, so we sat down in the tranquility of the evening, the warm breezes and the low amount of people to just enjoy the moment. It’s easy to forget to do it some times.

We set off, had some dinner and then finally made it to the Palace of Justice – you know – the home of Frollo in the Disney adaption of the book, and later on the magnificency that is Notre Dame. No matter how many times I go there, the more I fall in love with the cathedral. It’s beyond anything else.

After this, we bid farewell to each other and both retreated home to our own. Tomorrow is a new day, with new adventures.

// Sara


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