3000 Beats

Today was quite the day actually if you ask me. For the first time in forever I was reunited with my longterm friend Emelie, and not just that, but for the first time in for REAL forever, we went to Boda Borg togehter. Emelie and I were a part of our dreamsquad the the questhouse, so it was good to be back with her.

My brother came with us, and we had a really good day I’d say. Timehunt was sadly closed for the day, so we didn’t finish that one as expected, but what can you do?

Since they close at 17 already on weekdays, we were there about three hours less than normal, which made us fall out on some quests – like two of the three quizes as we usually do them on error by trial, and there was just not time enough for it.

They re-did some stuff in Bootcamp, which disabled Emelie to do what she usually does, and thus we didn’t make it, or more like, we didn’t circle back to make it. Borgen / The Castle was no surprise even thought we did some honest tries at it. I slipped around like Bambi on slippery ice WAAY too much in Borgen too. Sorry guys!

We cleared Conspiracy on the literally last try. Ten minutes til closing time and I’m like “lets try one more time” and we actually fucking did it! Just like last time.

It was really good to be back at the Borg again, and to be back with a dreamsquad none the less. I got some bruise. Not as many as I’d want, but still some. If you are not bruised when leaving, were you even there?

// Sara


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