Into Overdrive

These past few days has been quite the rollercoaster, to say the least. A lot of good stuff has happened to me, I’ve been excited over the smallest of things – the sun is shining. I have nothing to complain about now have I?

My delayed order from H&M finally arrived too which means I have all my bikinis ready would I make a return to 70.000 Tons of Metal next year, and on top of that, I got my new headphones.

I used to use my The Sims 4 headphones for the longest of time, but it seems that the extensive use and bending of the the cable has made it glitch a bit, and that certainly wasn’t helping my situation. So I decided to invest in a new pair, and not just that – but a pair without a cable. Considering I’m only going to use them at home, it really doesn’t matter, you know?

Aside that, it’s just three or two weeks left to Stockholm Rock City, which I sort of last minute decided to go to. But it’s going to be epic, I am sure of it. How could it not? Art Nation, Slaughter, One Desire, Dynazty? It’s beyond perfect if you ask me!

With that said, it’s time for me to get to bed.

// Sara

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