Ghost Town


I think my heart stopped for a moment while on Facebook, watching Rock City Stockholm announce the headliner for Friday.

I saw the picture. Familiar faces, yet I couldn’t recognize them. I read the names, and I even if I knew exactly what that combination of names meant, everything became a fog. My head got heavy, I didn’t really comprehend – what am I reading? Why do I get a nauseous feeling and my head getting dizzy? I try to look for an explanation and even if I knew, it wasn’t until I saw the line

“Slaughter needs no further introduction” that I understood.

Slaughter is coming back to Sweden.

And for a moment – time stopped. Slaughter has been one of my all time favorite bands for a good 11 years now. I have seen them once before, on Sweden Rock 2012. I never thought I’d get to see them again, and the few times they’d been to Europe since then I never had the chance to see them.

But here they are. At a festival that I already had some plans on attending. I’m still trying to get down from the high, trying to dry the happy tears coming.

Slaughter is coming back to Sweden.

Finally. After all this time.

// Sara

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