I Wanna Know What Love Is

So here it was, the day that set of for Sjorven to leave. We got up at 7 in the morning already to get the last things ready before I took him to the busstation and waved him off. Once back at home, I jumped straight into bed again and slept for another hour before I got up and started cleaning up, and getting back in normal routine.

I also started packing. Yes, a bit premature, but quite frankly, I’m restless, and all I can think about is what I should and will pack, and because of that, I start already now. Will also give me time to change it up a few times, you know. Perfect, right?

I’m still deciding if I should go for the staffparty with my work or not. It’ll be squeezed in right betwen Belgium and USA, and I would love to go but… is it possible? Who knows.

// Sara

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